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in russia. >> those poor kids. >>> want to move on to the weather. lots of snow, wind, hail everywhere across the u.s. the storm that brought snow and spun off tornadoes is still not over. ten deaths blamed on the storm. more than 2,400 flights have been canceled. it could dump more snow on new england and upstate new york today. boy, they don't need that. bonnie schneider with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. the storm we've been talking about is working its way to extreme northeastern new england. it is hitting canada hard. quebec is getting more snow. i mentioned yesterday that cold air would come in behind the system. it sure has. scranton at 26. below freezing in new york city at 31. just to let you know, it's not over yet. a brand new storm system set up these winter weather advisories for pennsylvania and into new york, washington, d.c., and the mountains of virginia. you can see also ohio slammed again after so much snow from the first system. so the way it's going to play out, saturday into sunday, this system is likely going to bring heavier snow to area
. >>> a bedroom sitting empty this morning after russia bans american families from adopting russian kids. we'll talk to one couple who was on the verge of bringing this little girl home. their daughter home, and then this law was passed. next. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. >>> many american families are in a painful limbo this morning because of a new russian law that goes into effect tomorrow. a russian law banning u.s. adopti adoptions. for the past 13 months, kendra and jason skagz are in the process of adopting a 5-year-old girl with special needs, paulina. a russian judge granted the adoption petition on christmas eve. and it requires a 30-day waiting period. they already consider her a part of the family. kendra scaggs joins us live from los angeles. tell me, first of all, when you heard that the russian president had -- the country had banned adoptions by ame
will be china. europe, russia, china, continue to decline. and india will grow like china today. in a tectonic shift, asia will have surpassed north america in europe in terms of global power, based upon gdp, population size, military spending and tech technological investment. china will surpass the u.s. economy even before that what does this mean? look when you see the short-termism in washington, where they are arguing about tax increases and entitlement reform and very short-term thinking overall, this is the big picture. the big picture is more change any time since the french revolution, the industrial revolution in the 18th century and happening more quickly than we have ever seen. people more empowered. governments having less power and no single global leader. quickly about global leaders in business. a new report released a catalyst for us. and growth for pay and positions for women at the highest levels of corporate america, flat lining. flat lining of the fortune 500, 14% are women, 85% men. this is not moving. 8.1% of top earners in corporate america are women. 91% are men. board
from washington, seoul, tokyo, beijing, even from russia. all of the condemnation laid on north korea for carrying out the rocket launch. and north korea says the right to use outer space for peaceful purposes is universally recognized by international law. going counter to the united nations resolutions that have been passed against them. but, of course, we do note that the united nations has banned the use of this long-range missile technology. a resolution came into place after the failed attempt back in april, so certainly the international condemnation will keep coming. a very interesting thing to point out, though. we have seen some celebrations on the streets of pyongyang. dancing on the streets. we've been hearing from some of the residents saying they are delighted this has been a success. of course, we have to take this with a pinch of salt, this kind of regime is not one that you would cross. this is the reaction that would be expected in this kind of regime. a very isolated, dictatorial regime and certainly no one on the streets of pyongyang would say anything, but the utm
is involved in trying to support the assad regime. >>> there are talks that russia may be getting involved to have assad relinquish power. >> this is sort of one of the rumors out there, that might be one of the countries that would take him in if he were to step down. there's no indication that he plans to leave office. >>> these consequences that the president was talking about, do we know anything more about that? >> the ultimate could be some sort of military strike against iran's chemical sites. but that's going to be tough. they are spread out. they're throughout the country. in civilian populations. this is going to be very, very tough if they were to decide to go that route. >> barbara starr, i know you are following these developments for us. nice to have you in studio today. >>> text messages are such a part of american life. l.o.l., pick up some milk, honey. >> and much worse, you know. >> i know. that's the rated "g" version. now law enforcement groups are asking congress to enforce legislation that would record and store text messages for two years. the reason is criminal inve
rooms in russia and at first they thought it was maybe some kind of a -- i don't know, they thought that it was fake and then started to looking into where whether we have this stuff on our systems. >> what are they saying, to make us feel safe? >> well, the government says -- there's no comment from the government. the department of homeland security is not saying anything. one bank says they take their security seriously. other banks haven't returned our phone calls. usually they don't advertise much about what they're doing or thinking about these malware things. they don't like to antagonize the hackers and they clearly are going to try to fix it. >> so what's the one thing we need to know about our money. >> we'll find out important data about how much people spent in november, the retail sales report. economists think it rose maybe 0.4% in november. retailers really want you to keep spending the rest of the year. they want to make sure you keep spending your money into december. this is my daily reminder that don't spend money you don't have. >> you've seen mixed reports on th
between moscow and st. petersburg. russia this weekend, imagine this, something like dense fog after days of heavy snow. to slow things down. to a super crawl. in some places, two feet of snow has fallen since friday. >> good times. >> got to go to the bathroom. what do you do? >> persistent cough is keeping former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in texas this morning. the 88-year-old bush has been in and out of the hospital for nearly a month after coming down with a case of bronchitis. no discharge date has been announced just yet. >>> thousands of schoolchildren in this country will spend a lot more time in the classroom. this is beginning next fall. school days and the overall school year will be lengthened in five states as a way to help underperforming students achieve better results in their studies. >> kids are going to love that. firefighters and family members are calling it a miracle. a couple from oregon survived after a 100 foot fir tree crushed their car. that's what their car looked like. firefighters say the couple actually walked away from the wreckage. >> they mu
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7